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Company profile

The company MARBES CONSULTING Ltd. is the Czech consulting, development and training company. It operates in the field of information technology as a system integrator and provider of integrated software solutions.

The company was founded in 1997 and initially worked primarily in the design, development and implementation of a comprehensive information system for the city of Plzen.

When dealing with a number of projects the company has gradually built up a good team of consultants and programmers and has become a major supplier of comprehensive solutions to customers primarily in the areas of public administration.

Its solutions are based on proven IS (Microsoft Dynamics NAV, SAP) and a number of special applications developed for the specific environment of Egovernment (registers, centralized deposit system, multi-agend system AGENDIO, portal ePUSA, system KEVIS, etc.). This created PROXIO unique complex information system solutions for public administrations.

Also, for a number of commercial companies supplied by Marbes consulting solutions that support their business processes and as a tool for achieving business goals and strategic plans.

Very good reputation among customers acquired the ability to deliver a solution from initial analysis and consulting services across the design and development of the necessary application SW, HW, information systems implementation, to ongoing post-implementation support and service.

Great emphasis the company places Marbes consulting on a thorough understanding of the needs of each individual business partner. This approach together with years of experience in the solved problems enables us to design and implement a comprehensive information systems solutions, so that customers can fully concentrate on your work undisturbed and thus meet their strategic objectives.

Currently, the company has Marbes consulting Ltd. approximately 110 employees and is wholly owned by the parent company Marbes holding.

The drawing of EU funds

Marbes consulting ltd the internal development of the company also carries out projects financed from EU funds.

In the period from 18 September 2009 to 31 August 2010 was held project Development of corporate training and implementation of professional training courses Marbes consulting employees in the European Social Fund for training employees. www.esfcr.cz

The aim of the project was a comprehensive training and education of all employees, which leads to performance improvement and motivation, improved service for our customers, better efficiency and overall both professional as well as personal development of employees.

The July 31, 2011, the project Introduction of advanced ICT technologies for system integrator to enhance the effectiveness of the ICT in enterprises Call-III.

The same program is currently launching a new project Development of new ICT solutions to complex project management.